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We are three guys from the Isle of Wight that are flying to South Africa to work alongside other football fanatics as part of an organisation known as Lionsraw. South Africa 2010 is the debut Lionsraw Special Project. Lionsraw is taking a 130 strong squad of football fans to Durban, South Africa for two weeks during the World Cup. The Lionsraw team will operate in ‘The Valley of a Thousand Hills'', the epicentre of the World's HIV / AIDS crisis. Alongside existing local charities the team will help in ‘construction projects' and ‘soccer academies' for deprived local children during the day. Each evening the squad will retire to our fanzone for the full world cup tour experience.

Friday, 4 June 2010

7 days to go - the last piece of the jigsaw

Great news – we’ve finally got our accommodation sorted out! Kev and Faye have concluded long-running negotiations with a fantastic hotel on the beachfront in Durban and we’ve got a bargain. Frankly, the hotel looks far too good for us and I’m not sure that the foyer carpet will ever recover from all the muddy boots its going to see in the next few weeks!

The accommodation (or lack of) had been causing the Lionsraw team quite a headache for the last six months. As I understand it, Jon had arranged accommodation almost three years ago with a hotel on the beach front, but last year, we were gazumped when the German tour operators came into town waving their money about and draping towels over all the good rooms. Thankfully, the Lord has been looking after us and the Lionsraw patient strategy has paid off. There are fewer people travelling than expected and the tour operators have pulled out, leaving us (eventually) to get the original deal back on the table. We now have a great base to work from and the last piece of the jigsaw is in place – just seven days to go.

Cheers, Martin

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